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About us

About us

JM Camel Safari (JMCS) has more than 2 decades of experience and comprises a big fleet of camel vet certified healthy camels for a safe and pleasant ride. The camel handlers during safari are well verse with the local routes and have knowledge of all tourist points in and around Pushkar. They have good command on local Rajasthani language, Hindi and English (interactive only). The tourist guides and camel handlers in JMCS are tourist friendly and have long track record of their decent and friendly behavior.

JMCS provides round the year services to the local and foreign tourists. They can contact through email or given mobile number to us for advance booking in order to avoid wait list. JMCS provides services of camel rides for single or two persons and well decorated camel cart rides for any number. Each cart can carry 4-5 persons conveniently. JMCS has capacity of more than 20 carts per day.

JMCS provides day and night safaris with safe tour guides and camel handlers. Rajasthani food, camp fire and folk dances can be arranged on request.

JMCS has become a milestone in the Camel Safari in Pushkar which is evident by the fact that Indian and foreign tourists are coming again and again to us to enjoy the camel safari and Pushkar stay.

Many feed backs to JMCS are given below:

Dungar Singh Chaudhary, Engineer from Rajasthan: JMCS was a great experience while at Pushkar. Wonderful camels with well decorated and comfortable carts (Baggis) made our tour more enjoyable. I would love to come JMCS again and again.

Dr.T.K.Gahlot, Camel Vet from Rajasthan: JMCS has a good fleet of healthy camels and I found them very safe to ride as well. Thanks to the owners of JMCS for providing vitamin and mineral rich diets to these camels. I enjoyed ride both on camel back and cart as well. I recommend JMCS for all those who want a quality service.

Dr.Narendra Kumar, Medical Doctor from Rajasthan: JMCS provided us nice camel safari and camel rides. The camel handlers and tourist guides were tourist friendly and were able to interact in Hindi and English as well. I would love to come here again.

Dr.Eva Maria Christophele, tourist from Germany: JMCS was a unique experience to me while at Pushkar. A cross-country ride in ups and downs of sand dunes made me full of joy. I found camels in good health and camel handlers were amazingly tourist friendly. Their effort to decorate the cushioned camel cart attracted me to come here again and again.

Anil Arora, Bank Manager from Rajasthan: JMCS gave me first experience of a camel and  cart ride which is an unforgettable one. As we passed through the sand dunes with a panoramic view of Pushkar desert, my joy became doubled and was long lasting. Accompanying persons from JMCS were very nice and looked after our comfort.


A pilgrimage centre with the only temple in India dedicated to Brahma, the Creator, Pushkar is the venue of an annual camel fair. Pushkar in Rajasthan is a favored destination of North India. Hundreds of foreigners throng this place all through the year. The Pushkar fair is an important occassion when tourists flock Pushkar, however it is not only at this time of the year when tourism flourishes. Pushkar is the flavour of every season. Pushkar is a pilgrimage site and is considered one of the holiest sites in India. The semicircular Pushkar Lake is believed to be extremely holy and has 52 bathing ghats or steps along its banks. Devotees bathe in Pushkar Lake and pray at the Temple dedicated to Lord Brahma nearby. Pushkar is home to the only Brahma Temple in India. The town of Pushkar is far from the noisy environment of the city. When he reaches the Ghats, particularly the Ghats near the Sarovar Tourist Bungalow, he gets refreshed and loses his tiredness of his jouey. Pushkar is situated at the foot of the hills which add to its beauty. Five rivers, Suprabha, Kanaka, Prachi Nanda, and Saraswati flow here and make the place more beautiful and serene.


Brahma Temple, Pushkar


Pushkar Lake Banks


Mahadeva Temple​, Pushkar


Pushkar Lake



Merta​, Pushkar


Naga Pahar​, Pushkar


Rose Garden​, Pushkar


Sarafa Bazar​, Pushkar



Kishangarh​​, Pushkar


Man Mahal​​, Pushkar


Varah Temple​​, Pushkar


Savitri Mata Temple​, Pushkar